About Homekey Mortgages Inc.

Homekey Mortgages Inc. is a mortgage broker company that is transforming the very business model of brokers as you know it. By introducing technology and clarity into the industry. We’re creating a mortgage experience that is fast, free, and straightforward.

How is Homekey Mortgage’s business different from that of a traditional mortgage Broker?

Traditional mortgage brokers work in a pyramid structure, a scheme which drives sales via their brokers. So when you get a loan through a mortgage broker the company they represent provides them with a list of commissions from banks, this means that they might get a higher commission if you get a loan from Bank A instead of Bank B as they will receive more money from Bank A. This also creates a secondary problem, by not having a wage brokers are motivated to close you as quickly as possible as they also must feed their family. This is why you sometimes end up with a bad deal.

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